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About fifteen minutes into tonight’s frustrating episode of “Twin Peaks.” something incredible happened. The show itself dropped away and was overtaken by a separate 45 minute movie that I think people will be writing about for years to come.

I’m not even sure how to describe it, other than to say first it was mostly in black and white, seemed to indicate that the hydrogen bomb testing in 1945 in Arizona and New Mexico unleashed a massive evil that accounts for the series’ mysterious villain BOB (who now may be J. Robert Oppenheimer) and all kinds of other hideous things that have occurred since then.

I’m sorry we watched it on televisions. This mini film has to be seen on a big screen, Lynch and co. go inside the mushroom cloud of what may be the Trinity nuclear test of July 16, 1945– this goes on Malick style for some time. but it’s not boring at all. It’s just not “Twin Peaks.” It’s something else. Shown large it must be beautiful. And of course, as it’s Lynchian, it concludes by being frightening.

Are there a million references I didn’t get? Oh yes. That’s the Platters singing “My Prayer” while this stylized sort of sci fi B movie unravels. The whole thing was extraordinary. I don’t know if this was a message suggesting that the “Twin Peaks” creators couldn’t continue to make this dreadful, disconnected show and decided to go for it– a work of art. I’m so glad they did.

West coast: watch this episode.

PS Just a little more: SPOILER ALERT– Evil Cooper is taken to the woods and shot by his companion. Immediately, some incorporeal figures from the other world appear and try to resuscitate him. Then Nine Inch Nails perform like an intermission of very evil sounding music for about 2 mins. And then the mushroom cloud business starts.

We never return to “Twin Peaks” the show. We are now in some cosmic place as we witness the explosion over White Sands, New Mexico. This may be Mark Frost and David Lynch’s explanation at last for evil in the world, and all the crazy shit on “Twin Peaks” and “Fire Walk with Me.” If that’s what it is, my hat is off to them. After 25 years, someone in the writers’ room came up with a reason for everything. Very cool.

We will have to watch this film a few times to get it. It’s a piece of art, an art installation, Lynch’s best work in decades. I’ve criticized “Twin Peaks: The Return” for being pointless. But if this is the point, it was well worth waiting for.

Also, the special effects and music are mesmerizing. And expensive looking.

Note: The radio station KJPK is from an “X Files” episode, by the way. Also no doubt dozens of references to other sci-fi material. But the look it reminded me of the Mole Men from “Superman” the TV show.

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