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gabe kaneDaniel Day Lewis has three sons. The eldest, whom he had with actress Isabelle Adjani, is speaking out on Twitter and Instagram. Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, who goes by the moniker Gabriel Kane, finished school last year and has taken off as a model and aspiring singer. (Check out his accounts–he’s good at both endeavors!)

On Twitter, Gabe was very emphatic in all capital letters: I WILL NOT BE MAKING A STATEMENT SO DONT ASK AND BE RESPECTFUL.

On Instagram Kane wrote: “You shared your talent with the world over many years and it was a gift for us all to cherish. Though the idea of never seeing you on the big screen again deeply saddens me and many others, I am indescribably proud and in admiration of your accomplishments and of you as a man, an artist and a father. You are loved by your family and your family by you. Thank you for everything”

My sources say to look at the wording of DDL’s announcement more closely. He says he’s retiring from acting. That doesn’t mean all of show business. Look for DDL to direct and write, among other things, for screen and stage. It makes sense. He’s got 3 Academy Awards as an actor. How many do you need? And maybe his last film, “Phantom Thread,” is so good, he feels that’s enough.

Kudos to son G-K, for his lovely postings.

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