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I’m told that “NCIS: Los Angeles” is adding two female characters. I don’t know if anyone is leaving but it better not be Linda Hunt. She’s the heart and soul of the whole thing. (She should be getting Emmy nominations, PS.)

The two characters include a new “NCIS: Los Angeles” assistant director in her 40s. She’s described as “Confident & clever, with a sense of humor, an authoritative figure who takes over operations when needed. She’s a natural leader with a strong presence, but not afraid to get her hands dirty in the field if necessary.”

The other character seems like a romantic foil for Mark Harmon on the mothership show “NCIS.” Her name is Reagan, also in her 40s, and not unwilling to clash with Gibbs. Each of the characters come with long resumes. Reagan is also a psychologist.

The “NCIS” juggernaut continues unabated. People come, people go. But the shows lurch on into history. The Emmy Awards would be smart to salute them if only for the ratings.

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