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CBS renewed its daytime line up today for next season. If you were worried, the two soaps — “Young and the Restless” and “Bold and the Beautiful”– are all good, as are “The Talk” and “The Price is Right.” The latter has been on the air since 1907.

Soap fans will be happy that “Young and the Restless” got a three year guarantee despite declining ratings. A new producer from Australia, Mal Young, has brought back some of the show’s original writers, so things have improved.  The two soaps are owned by Sony, but were created by the late soap legend William Bell. His son, Bradley, runs “B&B” still.

This will be good news for ABC’s “General Hospital” and NBC’s “Days of our Lives.” After the networks cancelled all the New York-based soaps a few years ago they thought they’d replace them with talk shows and reality programs. Turns out that wasn’t so easy.

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