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The box office was as bad as predicted this weekend. Sony’s “Rough Night” did worse than expected with just $8 million– not even the multiple of its $3.5 million Friday night. It’s deserved, though.

Scarlett Johansson is often mentioned as the number 1 female at the box office. But that’s because she’s been in all the Avengers movies. She’s going to have to decide what her career will be now, as her last standalone, “Ghost in the Shell,” was a bust. She won a Tony Award and was on the Oscar track for a while. Time to reboot. Scarlett, call Woody.

No tomorrow for Trevorrow: “Star Wars 9” director’s “Book of Henry” was last seen leaving town on a rail. The Force Naps.

The good news: “All Eyez on Me,” the Tupac Shakur movie, did very, very well despite lousy reviews. This shows the audience is there, even if the filmmaking isn’t so good.

Amazing: “Wonder Woman” took in another $40 million. Warner/DC is up to $274 million. Sue Kroll, Juli Goodwin, Susanne Fritz and the WB team will win the Publicists Guild Award next March. Excellent job!

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