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Well, that was a fun night!

At 4:11pm Eastern time Saturday afternoon we broke the story that Beyonce had had her twins on Monday night. No one else knew this. We did. We had excellent sources. There was a lot we couldn’t write, and we omitted the name of the hospital to give the family privacy.

Around six hours later, other outlets started reporting the story. At first only US Magazine gave us credit. Soon after, the Daily Mail and Variety followed suit and linked back to Showbiz411.com

People magazine, once considered the “serious” celebrity magazine, simply stole the story without credit. Many others did the same, including the infamous thieves at the Hollywood Reporter.

This is how it works now. It’s exhausting. And it adds to the accusation of “fake media.” The so called MSM has no respect for itself. Why should Trump and his followers feel any different?

As for People, this just follows their debacle a couple of weeks ago with Jennifer Garner. Something has gone really wrong at People. I’m sorry to see that.

As for Beyonce and Jay Z, let’s hope they get their kids home soon. TMZ says the reason they’ve been in the hospital so long is because there was a “minor issue.” But the whole family should be in ‘formation’ soon.

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