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Yoko Ono will get co-writer credit on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” released in 1971. The announcement came last night at the National Music Publishers Association dinner. Their son, Sean, looking like John exactly from the cover of the Hey Jude album, wrote about it on Instagram. Changing the credit could add another minimum 28 years to the Lennon estate’s ownership of the song which would have expired in 2041. So that’s a good move financially. So that’s the cynical take. But Ono was really John’s unacknowledged collaborator on so many things, it seems like the right idea. Also, she’s in a wheelchair, which isn’t good even for age 83. At the dinner an audio tape was played in which John says Yoko should have gotten credit. So why not? And it doesn’t affect Paul McCartney, so he won’t mind.

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