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You know that Will Ferrell, for reasons apparently unclear even to him, made a parody of a Lifetime movie last year. “A Deadly Adoption” (a deadly movie) was about a couple– Kristen Wiig was the wife– trying to have a baby with a deranged surrogate.

Lifetime is famous for tawdry movies of the week, usually made on the cheap in Canada with people you’ve never heard of, that are like pulp fiction but watered down to a G rating. A threat looms, but cookies and milk are served at the end.

Now Lifetime has announced a new production, still untitled. Here’s the breakdown:

“Psychology teacher & head soccer coach of her daughter Hailey’s high school, RHONDA CHALMERS can see that Hailey isn’t the soccer star her mother would like her to be, but she’s driven to see Hailey get a soccer scholarship to college & have all the advantages that Rhonda didn’t. With Hailey’s biggest competition the extremely talented Cameron Lowe, Rhonda systematically mounts an increasingly violent campaign to make sure Cameron is put out of commission for the season…”

It sounds wonderful. I’m glad Lifetime is getting back to its roots of crazed suburban moms getting violent over their high school daughters’ success and competitions. Somehow, all is right with the world.

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