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Fox News was never, ever “fair and balanced.” Not for a minute. But that was Roger Ailes’s slogan for the network he created, and he used it define them for two decades.

But Ailes is dead and disgraced. Fox is struggling. And now New York Magazine is reporting that they are abandoning the slogan. They say they haven’t used it since last August, but it’s completely gone. “Fair and Balanced” is a thing of the past.

Alas, Fox News was rarely fair and never balanced. It is and always has been slanted to the right. It’s the actual Fake News. And they were never fair. They played to fear and bitterness and the gang mentality of piling on whenever something went wrong with someone they didn’t like. They purposely still steer away from anything that doesn’t suit their agenda.

A new slogan will be “Most Watched. Most Trusted.” The first part is already not true, as MSNBC has been beating them in various segments. Most trusted– yes, but by people who who wear tin foil hats.

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