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Ratings are in for Sunday night. It was another disaster for NBC News and Megyn Kelly. Her interview with the absolutely disgusting and horrible hate monger Alex Jones didn’t do much. Her “Sunday” show was trounced by “60 Minutes,” which scored 7.66 mil total viewers. Kelly had 4.35 million.

I was at the Tony Awards and didn’t catch up to Kelly’s interview until this morning. The NBC people think they’re doing their own “60 Minutes.” They are not. Kelly is such an infuriating lightweight– she laughs with Jones, and the composition of the segment looks glamorous. Outtakes on other services show her waiting around to interview him while he’s on the radio, and she’s also kidding around, laughing. She is not a news person. Even Barbara Walters in her most suck-up days to Kissinger and Nixon didn’t look this bad.

Meanwhile, the Tony Awards were smacked down by “Celebrity Family Feud” and the NHL Hockey championships. To counter program, the Tonys– very oddly — featured NHL and former New York Ranger hockey great Ron Duguay to introduce “Come from Away” because they were all Canadian. Also, the Rangers are owned by Madison Square Garden Productions, so is Radio City Music Hall, and Duguay is a sportscaster for MSG Network. The audience had no idea who the hell he was, it was hilarious. But I enjoyed seeing him. He was also one of the few presenters not to use the TelePrompter.

The Tonys scored a 6.01. Celebrity Family Feud on ABC had a 6.93. But the Tony are very niche. Very. And last night, without Bette Midler performing on the show, it was a tough go indeed.

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