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Gwyneth Paltrow told Jimmy Kimmel this week she has no idea what’s on her Goop website. She has also never tried products she sells like a Jade egg meant to be placed in the vagina. She also says she knows nothing about “Earthing,” which is also recommended on her site. “I don’t know what the f– we talk about,” Paltrow admitted to Kimmel.

Making fun of Paltrow and Goop is a common snarky practice by now. But I can’t think of another actress who has squandered her Oscar the way Paltrow has. I thought after “Shakespeare in Love” in 1999 she’d be making great movies, picking up more awards, maybe doing Broadway. She has got maybe only other movie anyone really cares about — “Sliding Doors” (also 1998). The other nominees the year she won were Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, and Emily Watson. I needn’t tell you all their credits and accolades since then.

Paltrow’s career has become about selling this stuff. She tells Kimmel she’s in the office every day, that Goop is her full time job. Well, whatever turns you on.

The Jade egg, by the way, sells for $55-$66. It was roundly criticized all over the internet, but Jade published a defense.

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