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“Wonder Woman” weekend 2 was a phenom, with $57 million– astonishing. It’s an over the top hit, that’s for sure, and keeps growing.

But the poor “Mummy.” The weekend take was $32 million– maybe a little less. That’s way short of Brendan Fraser’s “Mummy” movies.

But for Tom Cruise, it’s not that bad. Aside from “Mission Impossible,” Cruise is not a big opener and not a big total grosser. His opening weekends for non “MI” movies range from $22 mil to $37 million. This one is right in the middle.

As for what happens to it going forward– not much. Cruise barely gets to $100 million, and that’s rare. The studio held “Edge of Tomorrow” in theaters ’til it dripped out its last customer so they could pass $100 million. But at that point you’re wasting money holding the theater, the print, the ads. “The Mummy” may go $75 million.

A sequel? Well they made a “Jack Reacher” sequel to a movie no one liked much, and look what happened. “The Mummy” should stay buried.

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