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The ratings are in for Sunday– and oh, ouch, it’s not good for “Twin Peaks.” I hate to report this because I’m sure Showtime spent a lot on this David Lynch comeback. But the total audience on Sunday night was 254,000. That was actually up from 195,000 the previous week– but still, it’s way outside the top 25 cable shows and in another world — a Twin Peaks world– from broadcast TV.

Compare those numbers with “The Leftovers” series finale at the same time– just over 1 million people. Of course “The Leftovers” makes just about as much sense as “Twin Peaks.” But at least there was an original premise– the disappearance of all those people– to hang on to. “Twin Peaks” offers nothing tangible as a guide– not even a continuing story among the old favorites in town who had nothing to do with Evil Lurking Everywhere.

Meanwhile, “Silicon Valley” came in with 862,000 viewers– three times as many as “Twin Peaks.” I do hope “Silicon Valley” gets a lot of Emmy nominations. “Veep” was off this week.

The Kardashians regained their lost audience, had 1.4 million viewers. Among reality shows on Sunday night though, they are pretty much at the bottom. Even the Amish are tying with them. Talk about realities 180 degrees apart!

As for “Twin Peaks”: it’s hard to imagine 13 more hours of this stuff. Nothing happens. People come and go. There’s nothing to root for.

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