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“Twin Peaks: The Return” episode 5 was obtuse and unforgiving, just the like the four previous hours. The show has no plot or purpose. I think I’m done now.

I think what’s really interesting is that there are no opening actor credits. This reflects that there is no structure to this thing. It’s just a free for fall. Occasionally we get cameos from old cast members, but they’re meaningless.

Yes, you could make a list of oddities and questions left hanging, but what’s the purpose?

This week’s episode did answer two burning questions. One– is Don Murray alive? Yes. The celebrated theater actor, star of “Knots Landing” (he was Sid Fairgate), and 1957 Oscar nominee for “Picnic” is 87, almost 88 years old. According to the imdb he hasn’t been on screen since 2001! Well, he looks great. Good for him!

Also, we learned that Tom Sizemore is not in jail. Over the years, Sizemore has had a lot of brushes with the law, and notable problems with substance abuse. He was once engaged to Heidi Fleiss. But on “Twin Peaks” he looks pretty good. He’s survived a crazy life. Again, good for him!

The rest of it– who knows? It’s nice to see my pal, Robert Forster, who lights up every scene. But much of the show takes place away from “Twin Peaks.” This is not “Twin Peaks” but a really long David Lynch movie in which Mark Frost was sometimes allowed to insert Twin Peaks references. But you know, it’s summer, and Sunday night. So what the heck.

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