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The 50th anniversary box set of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” finished at number 1 on Friday. The $117.99 set retails for $117.99, and earned the Beatles over $7 million in one week (including pre-sales). That’s a low number, too, which doesn’t include all formats and all countries.

But it’s quite an accomplishment. They sold 61,521 copies of the box set in the US alone– that’s the physical box plus downloads. Counting in other markets and other versions of the set, the Beatles probably made $10 million just in sales. That doesn’t count publishing royalties for how many times their songs played on all kinds of formats all week.

Nice work by all involved.

PS The box set is the only configuration that features the Mono CD, and the two outtake CDs, not to mention the new stereo CD and the two video discs. It’s well worth it just for the 3D cover and the hardcover book. Package of the year– Grammy Awards take note.

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