Home Television Kardashian Ratings Free-Fall: 400,000 Viewers Disappear in One Week from E! Show

I think the party might be over at the Kardashian house.

On Sunday, there were only total 973,000 viewers. That’s down from over 1.3 million the week before. The down trend is turning into a gathering storm.

The demo number dropped, too, from o.6 to 0.4. Fewer and fewer people are watching the antics of these self-absorbed nitwits. It’s like an awakening.

Losing Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as a character probably didn’t help. But she’s said she’s done with it. And her book was a dismal sales failure.

Meanwhile, “Twin Peaks” on Showtime registered just 195,000 viewers on Sunday night for Parts 3 and 4. The justification may be that subscribers had already streamed those episodes. But I think it’s a bust. No one knows what’s going on. It’s not good. It’s certainly not sustainable for 14 more weeks.

Michael Ontkean must be laughing from his home in Hawaii.

PS Maybe these episodes are a ‘prequel’ to the final ones? Who knows? It’s a mistake if that’s the case.

The best show on TV continues to be “Veep,” which is on so late– 10:30pm– on HBO Sundays. Absolutely sublime. This past week was heaven. Julia Louis Dreyfus can do no wrong.


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