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Ariana Grande, manager Scooter Braun and Live Nation are planning one amazing show in Manchester this weekend.

Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are among the acts already announced, as well as Usher, Coldplay, Take That and Niall Horan.

But two others are of major interest. The Black-Eyed Peas are included, but it’s unclear if Fergie will be part of their show. The Peas have been absent their lead singer for some time. Fergie, like many others, sent a message of condolence on Twitter after the Manchester tragedy. If she showed up with the group, that would make it extra special.

In the Manchester press they’re wondering also about local boys Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis. Apparently the Oasis song “Don’t Look Back in Anger” has turned into the city anthem since 22 people were killed on May 22 after Grande’s show. Locals are hoping that the brothers– notorious for fighting on stage and not speaking to each other at all– will put their petty differences aside for the occasion.

Meantime, most of  the secondary ticket sellers who usually rip off fans are vowing not to allow sales for the show on their services. StubHub.com is among those who’ve said ‘no.’ The Manchester newspaper says they’re still waiting to hear from ViaGogo. Most importantly, Ticketmaster.com– owned by Live Nation– has vowed to keep it clean for this show.

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