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For some reason there’s a report circulating that Taylor Swift either chartered a plane for Ariana Grande to come home from Manchester, England or sent her own private plane. Neither story is true.

The source of this miscommunication comes from the Daily Mail, of course. They decided that the plane from which Grande disembarked in Boca Raton, Florida looked like a plane they’d seen Taylor Swift on. Hence, a “story.”

Live Nation, Grande’s tour promoter, put her on their plane for the ride home. Grande has a tour plane– how do people think she got to England, on United Airlines? Live Nation flew her to the UK, was flying her all over for her tour, and then bringing her home.

How Taylor Swift wound up in the story– well, it’s like the old days of PhotoPlay, when movie publicists would plant stories about their stars. These items made the stars seem like gods who helped each other out.

Always remember when reading about celebrities– they pay for nothing. The studios, record companies, and tour promoters always pick up the tab. And it’s charged back to you later.

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