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With “War Machine” about to debut on Netflix, Brad Pitt is going to his “Plan B.” (Get it?)

A casting call has gone out for Pitt’s next movie, “Ad Astra,” to be directed by James Gray. Ad astra means to the stars, and that’s where they’ll all be going. The story is described as “an ambitious science fiction adventure that takes its central character on a compelling and revealing journey to the outer reaches of our solar system.”

A note sent to casting directors: the ensemble of military officers, astronauts, scientists & characters met
along the way, realism is key. These people need to be all shapes & sizes, un-actory in appearance, authentic, diverse & unique. Humor is valuable, too.”

Meanwhile, “War Machine” is getting so so reviews. As one person puts it, “Some people like, it’s not for everyone.” Netflix has had an interesting way of presenting it, too. They went all the way to Japan for a premiere, photocall, press conference, etc. Pitt is very popular there, especially from advertising gigs we don’t see. But the New York “premiere” was dubbed a “private screening” with no press.

“War Machine” has 8 positive and 5 negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, although I’m starting to wonder how much that matters since the “Twin Peaks” TV show has a 95– and most of those reviews are mixed to negative. The TV part of Rotten Tomatoes may not be reliable.

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