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Ivanka Trump may still be selling cheap perfume and jewelry somewhere, but in the book world, she’s a bust.

Ivanka’s “Women Who Work” was released two weeks ago, on May 2nd. It’s now ranked at number 933 on amazon.com. The Kindle version is around 15,000. So few people have bought it the sales can’t be measured.

On Barnes & Noble’s website, “Women Who Work” is ranked at 6,157.

Penguin Publishing Group is basically taking a bath on the whole thing.

Women who actually work took great offense at the heiress’s guide to using daddy’s money. It’s ironic because if Ivanka had not gotten involved in her father’s possibly criminal political career she might have had a shot. In the pre-Trump presidential run years she was considered smart and successful. But she’s so turned off the thinking population that no one wants to hear what she’s got to say now. If her father is impeached– which now seems possible– it’s unclear what career she will have left.

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