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Where are all the One Direction fans? Harry Styles’ self titled album is going in exactly one direction since it was released on Friday: down.

Today, “Harry Styles” is at number 4 on iTunes after a three day run at number 1.

“Sign of the Times,” which was a bust upon release, had a flurry of movement after Harry’s “Today” show appearance. But it’s at number 7 right now. More importantly, none of the other tracks on the album are on the iTunes chart. With a Kendrick, Drake, Adele, Beyonce album, even a One Direction album, you’d see at least four or five tracks on the chart independent of the album. But none of them are moving.

Over at Spotify, “Sign of Times” is nearing 90 million streams. That sounds like a lot but it isn’t. On the Streaming Chart, “Sign” has languished around number 17 and never gotten higher.

Also on Spotify, “Sweet Creature” is up to 14 million sreams.  But the rest of the tracks are averaging at around 3.5 million streams. Very, very low.

Last week, on the Song Revenue chart, Harry earned just $65,000 from streams and downloads on “Sign of the Times.” The single was the 26th highest earner.

Radio is still waiting to kick in on “Harry Styles.” So far, it’s been a tough haul.

This week, Styles is on James Corden’s “Late Late Show” every night rather than Fallon, Kimmel, or Colbert.  This could be out of friendship with Corden (they’re Brits). But it also may point up disinterest from the earlier shows’ musical directors. Usually when you book the Today show and “SNL,” Fallon comes with it. Not this time.

 Here’s the clip from last night, which sounds remarkably like the record and all the other live shots:


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