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“King Arthur” arrived and died in one fell swoop. The $175 million Warner Bros. swashbuckler from Guy Ritchie took in $5.3 million from Thursday night previews and Friday night audiences. A $15 million weekend ($18 million on the high side seems a lofty ambition) points to a total write off. Maybe international audiences will help. But not by much.

Ritchie is an ambitious filmmaker whose work is hit or miss. His “Sherlock Holmes” movie are hits. The rest are not, at least since his initial hits years ago with “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,” and “Snatch.” His more recent “Man from UNCLE” was a flop financially and editorially. I’ve been seeing weird remarks on Twitter that there should be an “UNCLE” sequel. No no no. Please, no. 

Ritchie’s biggest flop was with ex wife Madonna on “Swept Away.” A new “Sherlock” Movie should set things right. Meanwhile Warner Bros. writes off $150-$175 million. They have four blockbusters coming this year.

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