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Big morning for Harry Styles on “Today.” He performed “Sign of the Times,” “Ever Since New York,” and “Carolina.” The former song was so good vocally that it pushed the single to number 3 on iTunes. Still no action on Spotify, but that’s been the trend. “Sign” is too long for streaming.

Styles did a great job singing — or “joining in”– as they say, because the band doesn’t play live. Indeed, the band looked incredibly bored (you’ll see below). But when Styles, in a hot pink suit and great coiffed hair, let loose, he was on the money.

As for the two other songs: “Carolina” is a straight rip or “tribute” to the Beatles circa 1965. It’s a good song, very catchy, and ready for radio. But it’s amazing how Beatlesque it is. Again, it was sung to track on “Today.” “Live” is a fungible word here.

“Ever Since New York” still steals the basic lick from Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.” It’s embarrassing.

Not played on “Today” was “Sweet Creature.”

Styles also sang “Stockholm Syndrome” to the Today show audience. That’s a One Direction song, sung in their shows by Niall Horan. Just FYI.

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