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If only headwriters of soap operas wrote our own lives. No one ever really dies, unless the actor actually shuffles off this mortal coil. Otherwise, you can be shot point blank, stabbed several times, drowned, beaten, exploded, even succumb to a terminal disease. Still, there is hope!

Three years ago “Days of our Lives,” a show that likes to kill off its main characters, stabbed Will Horton to death. That was it. Dead. The guy who played him had replaced three time Emmy winner Chandler Massey. But he hadn’t caught on. So off he went!

But Will had been the first gay character on the very, very uptight “Days of our Lives,” where they still hang Christmas ornaments every year even if the character’s contract has long ago expired. So now new head writer Ron Carlivati — who restored “General Hospital” by reviving a bunch of favorites from the other world — is at it again. Massey returns as Will in September after a presumed very deep sleep.

This explains why Alison Sweeney, who plays Will’s mother, is returning to the show after leaving a couple of years ago. Carlivati is going to turn “Days of our Lives” around just to spite producer Ken Corday. Sweeney, by the way, is 40 and has a grandchild on the show. Massey is 26. But what the heck! This will keep our minds off of Trump and friends!

(I’ll never forget years ago, in college, hearing a girl scream — shriek! — down the hall in my dorm. Her favorite character on “The Edge of Night” had returned after supposedly being most seriously dead for quite a while. Turns out the actress had been on island, being held by her agent until there was more money. That’s entertainment!)

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