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Rosie O’Donnell is a devoted mother with a desperate situation. Her adopted daughter Chelsea has not been in touch with her in a long time. Chelsea, however, has learned that she can make money selling made up stories to the tabloids and to TV. It’s heartbreaking. Now Rosie is addressing Daily Mail writer Louise Boyle on her website. Boyle sent Rosie a list of crazy accusations from Chelsea for verification.

Rosie has responded to Boyle, citing Chelsea’s mental illness, her addiction to heroin at birth, and her “self hatred.” Rosie writes: “she is very sick
she is not capable of truth or reason.” I do hope Boyle takes this to heart. Rosie is one of the kindest and most decent people I’ve ever known. It’s hard enough to deal with children, especially when they’re in trouble. But to deal with it publicly, and have a media organization fueling the problem– that’s just beyond.

Here’s what Rosie posted:

dear louise

May 1, 2017

chelsea is mentally ill
has been in and out of hospitals most of her life
born addicted to heroin –
she has had a tough road

as for her comments –
i assume u r paying her –
which is why she is selling these tales to you
unfounded – untrue – and desperate

do what you like louise –
as this is the job u have

but know
she is very sick
she is not capable of truth or reason

she has not been in touch with anyone
since her husband tried to extort 9000 dollars from this family
the day after the lesion in her frontal lobe was detected

she then did an inside edition interview for money
and disappeared

and now has a story for u

as a mother – my request is that u not pay her
and leave her alone
as her self hatred grows
after each sold lie

it is comforting to know
she is still alive

so thank you for that part

if u use any of this e mail in ur story
i request it is in its entirety


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