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A couple of years ago I wrote about “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson’s charitable foundation, which was dubious at best.

Now, because she issued her Julian Assange defense from the Foundation. I’ve taken a new look at the latest tax filing– for the year 2014. There’s no public filing since then.

The funniest thing about the Pamela Anderson Foundation. The one time pin up turned political activist and girlfriend of an international hacker holds all the positions in the charity. She’s actually listed on the 2014 Form 990 tax filing as President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director. That’s called multi-tasking! It’s also highly unusual. She could have had Tommy Lee, Kid Rock or David Hasselhoff fill at least one of those offices! Instead, she does it all herself. 

In 2013, Anderson’s Foundation gave away a total of $180,000 to four different groups. Where did she get the money? She herself only put $14,000 into the Foundation. The bulk of the money came from Richard Salomon, to whom she was briefly (and subsequently) married from 2014-2015. Salomon’s income, according to Wikipedia, is derived from online gambling and winnings from poker. He contributed $237,500. Another $5,000 came from professional Las Vegas poker player Bobby Baldwin.

The other major contributor to the Pamela Anderson Foundation was the late Sam Simon, creator of “The Simpsons.” He put in $100,000. The two shared an interest in animal rights. According to press reports, Anderson was subsequently barred from Simon’s funeral by his family for accepting and not returning an $800,000 ring before he died. (There’s a lot of weird stuff at the heart of “The Simpsons”– including that Nancy Cartwright, who voices Bart, is a huge Scientologist.)

Anderson’s donations went to Cool Earth Action USA (Brooklyn)–$100,000; Game Changers Film LLC — $50,000; Sustainable Markets Foundation– $25,000; and the International Leonard Peltier Defense Fund– $5,000. (Cool Earth Action USA has not filed any tax return with GuideStar since its inception in 2014 despite Anderson’s large donation.)



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