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I told you on Tuesday that Kanye West was MIA, missing from social media for months after being a constant presence.

And now, all his accounts are gone. Poof! All deactivated.

Kanye is thought to have had a nervous breakdown of some kind last winter following his wife’s Paris robbery. He walked off stage and didn’t return. He was seen in a family Christmas photo but has otherwise been silent.

Despite making babies and fashion shows and concerts, Kanye has been in a weird downward spiral since his mother’s sudden and unfortunate death in November 2007. He simply became more and more erratic and out of control. Social media is where a lot of this took place, with Kanye Tweeting hundreds of times in short periods of time.

I wrote on Monday that it was very curious he wasn’t coming to the MetBall, one of his favorite haunts. That on top of his social media silence added up to something not kosher.

Let’s hope he’s getting good help, and will come back even stronger.

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