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Where in the world is Kanye West? The voluble, often excitable and never demur rapper skipped Anna Wintour’s annual Halloween in May party, leaving wife Kim K. to fend for herself. Kanye NEVER misses the Met Ball, or a chance to show off his designs on being part of the fashion world.

But Kanye been unusually silent for quite a while. He was last seen in November 2016, after cancelling his concert tour following Kim’s robbery in Paris. He was sent —  as they say on “Veep”– to a spa for rejuvenation. Exit Kanye.

West’s social media hasn’t been touched in months. His Instagram account hasn’t been updated for 23 weeks. All the pictures on it are odd fashion photos. His last Tweets were on February 3, January 26, and Christmas 2016. This from a man who in stages of mania used to Tweet several times an hour.

There was some hope– or fear– that Kanye would turn up at the Grammys in February to protest if Beyonce didn’t win Album of the Year. Adele won, yet there was no Kanye disruption.

It’s possible that Kanye is finally getting the help he needed to come to terms with his mother’s untimely death. But even before Donda West died, Kanye was a big blurter. Remember in 2005, two years before Professor West passed, Kanye told TV audiences that George Bush didn’t care about black people during the Hurricane Katrina telethon.

So Kanye, wherever you are, god bless, get well and come back soon. We miss you!

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