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Janet Jackson is back! She announced on Twitter that she’s resuming the tour she broke off last year when she got pregnant. Now it’s called “The State of the World” Tour. She recorded the video with brother Randy, whom she addresses in the video when she says she’s put on a few pounds. “More than few,” Randy says. Janet also says “Yes, I’ve separated from my husband. We are in court and and the rest is in God’s hands.” That does not sound like an amicable divorce.

On the upside: watch Janet talk about her new baby. She’s never looked happier. And she’s wearing a baseball cap that I think reads: “Bobby Taylor.” Bobby Taylor is who actually discovered the Jackson 5 in 1968 with Gladys Knight and brought them to Motown. He was the group’s first producer, and went on to influence a number of Motown hits. The rest is history. I have no idea why Janet had a cap made with his name.

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