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You really have to be a fan of Kevin Spacey to appreciate his latest gimmick. He’s going to do a one man show of a play about Clarence Darrow at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Forest Hills. Two performance. Capacity: 23,000.

Price: Floor seats are $500. Add another $2,000 if you want to met Spacey after the show and maybe get a photo.

I mean, you really have to be a super fan.

Spacey told Jimmy Fallon a couple of night ago on the Tonight show that 300 seats would be set aside for students. They will be on the floor and 10 bucks. (So get out your old student ID!) Spacey didn’t mention the $2,500 seats or even the $500 seats.

It’s possible that playing Frank Underwood so long on “House of Cards” has really skewed Spacey’s thought process.

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