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EXCLUSIVE A couple of updates regarding the 2017 Cannes Film Festival:

Roman Polanski’s “Based on a True Story” is set to play the festival on the second Saturday, just as “Venus in Fur” did in 2013. Sacre bleu! Most everyone is gone by then. I always feel bad for the movie that gets this distinction. It’s an after-thought. But this is also a nod to Polanski, still very highly regarded as a filmmaker no matter what. “Based on a True Story” stars his wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, and Eva Green…

There aren’t a lot of American films for this year, and not too many stars. Lynne Ramsay’s “you Were Never Really Here” is coming — but it’s not finished! She’s still working on it! Right now I’m told the Joaquin Phoenix film, also starring Alessandro Nivola, will be shown on the second Friday night– right before the festival ends. Amazon is releasing “You Were Never Really Here” in the fall.

Amazon also has Todd Haynes’ “Wonderstruck.” No doubt charming, as it’s about children, Haynes’ film will be shown on the first Thursday right after opening night. Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams are the featured stars.

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