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I’m sort of fascinated by this: Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” is dropping like a heavy stone down the top 10. In six days it’s gone from number 1 to number 7 on iTunes. I wonder if his performance on this week’s “SNL” will matter.

Anyway, today the tracklisting for his new album was released. The album comes May 12th.

Here are the titles:

1. Meet Me in the Hallway
2. Sign of the Times
3. Carolina
4. Two Ghosts
5. Sweet Creature
6. Only Angel
7. Kiwi
8. Ever Since New York
9. Woman
10. From the Dining Table

Only 10 songs– that’s pretty thin. But then, the names of them are so strange. “From the Dining Table”? “Kiwi”? And what about “Meet me in the Hallway”? There is only one song in the world currently with that title, recorded by a New Zealand group called The Mots. Here it is:


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