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WEDNESDAY And the drop continues, down to 4. By Saturday the record will need a huge injection from the SNL appearance.

TUESDAY Maybe Harry Styles’ fans are waiting til they see him on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

But here’s some news that surprised me: after 5 days, Harry’s big premiere single has dropped off from number 1 to number 3 on iTunes.


“Sign of the Times” came out of the gate with ferocity on Friday. One Direction fans went nuts and sent it straight to number 1.

Now this aftertoon, “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers took the top spot, and sent Harry plummeting to number 3. Bruno Mars remains ensconced at number 2.

Meanwhile. here’s another “Sign of the Times.” Styles’ single is not burning up the Spotify charts. It’s around number 16 or 17 on both the US list and the Global. I had a feeling that a five minute power ballad that never picks up might be a problem. Kids don’t have the patience to list to it. And it doesn’t tell a story. There’s nothing in the lyrics that makes you want to stay til the end.

Maybe Styles will regain the top spots when he appears on “SNL.” But right now the Zayn fans are getting a chuckle.

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