Home Music Mariah Carey’s “New Deal” with Epic Records is Her Old Deal, Reiterated

Variety is reporting this morning that Mariah Carey has a “new deal” with Epic Records.

Actually, Mariah’s new deal is her old deal. She just hasn’t done anything about it. Carey signed with Epic’s LA Reid quite a while ago. She released a new single called “Infinity” which became the linchpin in a greatest hits package. Then, she did nothing. A few weeks ago she released a single no one at Epic knew about in advance, called “I Don’t.” It didn’t.

I reported from Oscar weekend that Carey was in danger of being dropped by Epic. No one could get in touch with her. Her manager, Stella Whatchamacallit, is well known for blocking access to the star. Stella attacked me in a supermarket tabloid for writing this, which was pretty amusing. Now reports come today that Mariah has kicked her dancer-boyfriend to the curb. She likes drama, that’s for sure.

The only way for Mariah to make a comeback now is to stop making hip hop records or hip-pop, as you might call them. She has a great voice. She’s never recorded an album that shows off that voice properly. She needs a real producer, real songs, real arrangements. She has to surprise the world by showing she’s vocalist, and not just a pin up who can hit a high note.

Some of Carey’s finest moments came when she covered “Without You” and “I’ll Be There.” There are plenty more songs like that in the world. She has to hire someone great to find them.

As for her new deal, okay, whatever. God bless. Just make the record.

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