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Another year, another Rock and Roll Hall of Shame induction ceremony.

This year the winners were Pearl Jam, Journey, Yes, Joan Baez and the late Tupac Shakur. Nile Rodgers was voted in for a Musical Excellence Award, which is BS for we’ve made you wait forever.

His group, Chic, wasn’t inducted, Rodgers– one of the most important musicians and songwriters– didn’t play anything and wasn’t tributed. None of his songs– from David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family”– were heard in the Barclays Center. No Chic songs like “Le Freak” or “Good Times.” And this was with Pharrell on hand to induct Rodgers. Huh?

Instead, Lenny Kravitz performed a tribute to Prince.

Journey was inducted and played, but their lead singer, Steve Perry, wouldn’t sing with them.

David Letterman, looking like Heidi’s grandfather come down from the mountain with his goat, had to substitute for Neil Young. Letterman inducted Pearl Jam, with whom he’s been obsessed since having a heart attack.

Alicia Keys performed the tribute to Tupac with T.I. Snoop Dogg did the induction. She sang Tupac “songs” like “Changes” which is actually Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way it Is.” (All of Tupac’s songs are his raps– which are poetry– over existing music.)

Dhani Harrison, George’s son, inducted Jeff Lynne and ELO. ELO got in but Chic didn’t. Think about that.

Don’t stop believin’!


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