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Rupert Murdoch is about to get up in Donald Trump’s grille again. In ten days Murdoch’s HarperCollins will publish “The Case for Impeachment” by Alan Lichtman.

The book lays out a path to impeachment for Donald Trump by a serious political historian. This is not fake news. Lichtman, professor at American University in Washington, DC., has accurately predicted all the presidential elections since 1984.

Lichtman has been on TV since last fall discussing a Trump impeachment. In the book, he fully explains all the reasons he thinks this will happen.

HarperCollins is a curious place for him to be publishing this book. Although HC often publishes celebrity books that might be at odds with its parent companies (NewsCorp, 21st CenturyFox), those books are considered frivolous in the end.

But this one takes on Trump with precision. And Lichtman will be pushing it everywhere come April 18th– maybe even on Fox News.

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