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The Roger Ailes story is coming to TV. And it will be on Showtime, owned by CBS, which is governed by Les Moonves.

Even though Showtime has its own executives, nothing important about the media goes on the cable network without Les Moonves’s authority. And a mini series based on Gabriel Sherman’s “The Loudest Voice in the Room” is a big, big deal. It will undoubtedly cover Ailes’s sex scandals at Fox News, up to an including new revelations as they break. Sherman has made himself the expert on the extraordinary rise and fall of Ailes and Fox News.

The mini series, which was announced last October, just gained a network this morning. Jason Blum, who’s made a fortune in horror films, is making the ultimate horror film here. Tom McCarthy, Oscar winner for “Spotlight,” is executive producing but I guess he will direct at least one episode as well. “Loudest Voice” will be must watch TV.

Who will play Ailes? O’Reilly? Gretchen Carlson? That’s the next story. But I do see Richard Dreyfuss as Ailes. Hmmm….

Meantime, new lawsuits against Fox News and Ailes and O’Reilly continue. The crazy world of 1221 Ave of the Americas is finally being unmasked. It’s like Hitler’s last days…

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