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Think the awards season takes a long time? Wait til 2018.

The next Academy Awards show won’t take place until March 4th, 2018. That will be a full two months after the Golden Globes. Even if the nominees are released on December 25th, by March 4th they will nostalgia pieces.

But nothing can be done. The Winter Olympics cause this problem every four years. NBC has the Olympics, and it dwarfs everything else on TV. ABC doesn’t want to risk pitting the Oscars against some big luge race from Korea, especially with the Oscars ratings way down.

So all those movies like “Dunkirk” and “Mary Magdalene” and “Mudbound” that we think might be in the race will just have to wait. Producers will have to come up with something unique to bring in viewers at that late date.

And think of the people involved– nominations will be announced January 23rd. They’ll need a lot of Xanax to make it to March 4th!

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