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I told you back on December 20th that Jann Wenner was hoping that by getting Jeff Lynne and ELO into the Rock Hall he’d get someone big to induct him for the HBO show — Tom Petty, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney. Well, he got someone from the Beatles universe– Dhani Harrison, the well spoken son of late Beatle George Harrison. I’m sure Wenner’s still hoping one of those other guys will show up. But Dhani is what we call ‘a good kid.’

Pharrell Williams will induct Nile Rodgers for his “Award of Excellence.” Rodgers and his group Chic didn’t actually get voted in. They were “selected by a committee.” This means that everyone who knows Nile and loves him put pressure on Wenner to do something after all all this time. A couple of years ago Wenner gave this award to Ringo Starr. Rodgers is perplexed but he’ll accept for his whole band and late partner Bernard Edwards.

Wenner also probably thought he’d get Bob Dylan for Joan Baez. Well, it’s not happening. So Jackson Browne. the most affable man alive, will step in. Also announced: Neil Young is inducting Pearl Jam, Pat Monahan of Train is inducting Journey, the guys from Rush are toasting Yes.

HBO sent out the press release of announcers because, let’s face it, this is all about the TV show at this point. But the release I got said this:

“Additional performers include Lenny Kravitz in a very special tribute performance to Prince, Alicia Keys, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Indigo Girls, and others.”

So is Lenny doing tributes to all those people? Who knows!

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