Home Music One Direction’s Harry Styles: Promo Onslaught Begins with First Single, TV Appearance

Last year it was Zayn. Now it’s Harry. Styles, that is.

The many styles of Harry, formerly and maybe later in life member of One Direction, begins April 7th. That’s when Sony drops his first post-1D single.

Then, 8 days later, Harry– having learnt the song– will perform it on “Saturday Night Live.” The host is Jimmy Fallon, which means Jimmy will also have Harry on to promote the appearance earlier that week.

Harry Styles is the “cute one” from One Direction, not necessarily the best singer or performer. We’ll see how that goes. He’s also in a big movie this year, “Dunkirk,” directed by Chris Nolan.

Styles was beaten to the punch as a solo out of One D by Zayn Malik, who’s already an album and a couple of hit singles. Also, Niall Horan’s had a single. That Liam and and another one.

If Harry’s career is played right, he’ll be the new Timberlake. That’s what they’re aiming for. God bless! I’m rooting for him!

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