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Drake– as they say on “Seinfeld,” — ‘everyone loves the Drake.’

The rapper dropped a mixtape late last Saturday and it shot to number 1 on Spotify and iTunes instantly. It’s for streaming or downloading only. There is no physical CD.

So what happened? Hitsdailydouble reports 560,000 total streams and downloads. Paid downloads only came to 230,000.

Hitdailydouble says all of their top 10 streaming singles are from the album.

Spotify reports 13 of the top 20 streamed singles since last Saturday are from “More Life.”

“More Life” is the number 1 album on iTunes. But fans haven’t done much for the individual tracks on iTunes. I guess they’re just downloading the album. It’s price to sell at $10.99.

Is it good? Oh , what’s the difference? Get over it. The song is about drunk texting Jennifer Lopez. I hope she gets a cut.

“More Life” just is.

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