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Clive Davis’s super show at Radio City Music Hall just hooked a star who makes rare appearances.

Carly Simon has agreed to be in the show that will open the Tribeca Film Festival on April 19th. So far almost everyone Clive has worked with has agreed to be in the show following the screening of his documentary “The Soundtrack of Our Lives.”

So far Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Earth Wind and Fire, Dionne Warwick, and Barry Manilow are all onboard. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Chicago, maybe Bruce Springsteen, and either Simon or Garfunkel, not to mention Alicia Keys.

I do think the last time Carly did something like this was in 1989, for Arista Records’ 15th anniversary. She sang with Hall & Oates, if I recall. It was a five hour show at Radio City.

During Carly’s hit run with Clive, she had a massive hit with “Coming Around Again.” Then she won an Oscar for “Let the River Run,” her song from “Working Girl.”

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