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The last hit Chuck Berry had was in 1972, with “My Ding a Ling.”

But after he died this weekend, Berry went back on the charts and has stayed there for several days.

On the iTunes album chart he has the number 7 album with his “Definitive Collection.” On the singles chart, he’s number 67 with “Johnny B. Goode.”

According to buzzanglemusic, “Overall, Chuck Berry album sales increased 9,581% after his passing. His album sales average was 39 per day, which went to 2,054 the day of his death and then to 3,808 the day after. Two-thirds of those album sales were for his album, The Definitive Collection.

Chuck Berry song sales increased 11,684% with 16,616 total sales the day after his passing. Johnny B Goode was the most downloaded song the day after Chuck Berry’s passing with 4,297 sales, a 10,330% increase.”

So great that Chuck went out with a bang– and maybe educated some new fans in the process.

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