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Has Linkin Park sold out? Their new video is called “Heavy,” and it’s a big shmaltzy rock anthem featuring 22 year old singer Kiiara and Mercedes product placement. The new video has a big tie in to Mercedes, which may irk long time alt-rock fans for whom the car shown represents two or three years’ income.

So far radio has had a tepid response to it. But the video should give it a push.

Kiiara, who gets to belt it out on the single, is signed to Atlantic Records. But her first two songs weren’t very good. Now her career will get a huge boost as “Heavy” is radio-ready and the video couldn’t be more directed to the teen audience.

Linkin Park’s new album is called “One More Light” and it hits on May 19th.

Warner Bros. Records needs a hit: The group is one of their few ties to chart success other than Lukas Graham.

But look: there’s life there yet. WBR is releasing the new Sheryl Crow album. And they do have a lot of potential with a great band called The Head and the Heart.

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