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Box office news: “Logan,” the final Wolverine movie and appearance by Hugh Jackman as the claw, racked up a whopping $85,3 million over the weekend. There are all kinds of records there including one for IMAX. At number 2, Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is a stunner at a total now of $76 million. “The Shack,” which is not the story of Shake Shack, came in at number 3…

Is “Ocean’s Eight” going to have one of the biggest casts in history? Already starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and six more female stars. Many members of the “Ocean’s 11” movies are coming back, too. Comedy legend Carl Reiner Tweeted that he’s shooting his scene or scenes tomorrow. He’s 93 years young! “Ocean’s Eight also features Vogue editor Anna Wintour and a bunch of fashionistas, remaking The Met Ball. This movie is either going to be lots of fun or a huge sinking battle ship. I hope it’s the former…

LAST WORDS Shirley MacLaine opened in a new film on Friday called “Last Words” from Bleecker Street. The film, which tells the tale of MacLaine’s Harriet, a tough as nails ad executive who at the end of her life, enlists obituary journalist Anne (Amanda Seyfried) to help her rework her legacy after a lifetime of tough relationships with those closest to her, including her daughter, played by the always terrific Anne Heche. Famed Philip Baker Hall and adorable newcomer Ann Jewel Lee are in the cast as well last the always solid Thomas Sadoski, who plays a radio DJ helping to facilitate Harriet’s bucket list.

Sadoski met real life girlfriend Seyfried on the set and are soon to be new parents. MacLaine kept playfully putting her hands on Amanda’s stomach on the red carpet. “This baby is blessed,” said Shirley, “these two are truly aligned.” She went on to explain her co-star, “I love her face, that face is a painting. What goes on there is in her heart.”

I asked Shirley how she felt about Charlize Theron’s tribute to her on the Oscars. “I knew she was going to do that. But I didn’t know exactly how it would turn out. When I saw that clip from ‘The Apartment,’ oh my god, it felt like another lifetime. But I don’t ever look at my old stuff on TCM, or anywhere. I always think I could have done it all better and that’s uncomfortable for me. I always think I could have been better. And I truly didn’t think someone like me could inspire someone like Charlize.”

When I told her she inspires way more people and fans than Charlize, she quipped in her most actressy fun way, “Well, I just don’t know what you’re talking about!” Then she winked and went in to the theater. Shirley, you’re a genuine Hollywood legend who never stops. This film is poignant, feisty, funny and simply engaging. Hope it sees her and company on the award trail next year. — Leah Sydney

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