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The Scientologists behind a new movie called “In Search of Fellini”– co-written by Nancy–voice of Bart Simpson–Cartwright– and another long time Scieno, Peter Knenaas, and produced by Tom Cruise former BFF and former reported Scieno snitch Michael Doven— got a big surprise recently when their film debuted at the LA-Italia Film Festival.

“Fellini” stars Maria Bello (how she wound up in this who knows). When the festival wanted to honor her at the movie’s premiere on February 24th who did they call? Why Paul Haggis, famous former Scientologist, Oscar winner, and great friend of Bello.

This move didn’t go over very well at the festival, where Haggis had to be on guard because of all the Scienos in the audience. Haggis was the main source for the book and documentary called “Going Clear,” which outed a lot of the cult’s misdeeds and named Doven as Cruise’s chief of staff. I’ve written about Doven over the years as well.

“When Doven heard that Haggis was presenting to Bello, he freaked out. He said Haggis was ‘too controversial.'” Nevertheless Haggis did the job.

It’s unclear whether the LA-Italia people understood “In Search of Fellini” was a Scientology movie. Except for Bello, everyone involved is a big time member including the director, whose wedding to a fellow member was held at Hollywood’s Celebrity Center.

It does seem that Doven’s reward for his loyalty to leader David Miscavige was to head up Scientology’s new movie company called United Pictures. (Doven’s tie to Hollywood is that his wife is the daughter of the great actor Bobby Morse of “Mad Men” and “How to Succeed in Business” fame.)

What comes next for “In Search of Fellini” is whether Doven and co. can fool a regular film distributor to pick up the movie and send it out into the mainstream world. That’s certainly the mandate. And oh yeah– if you’re still watching “The Simpsons,” indeed Bart is voiced by Cartwright, a prominent member of the cult. She’s made millions for them.

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