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The Rolling Stones are not done, by a long shot.

Mick Jagger told me a few nights ago that the next Stones album will not be covers but new songs. “I’m working on on new songs now.”

The Stones had a huge hit this winter with “Blue and Lonesome,” their album of blues covers. “B&L” was their biggest hit in years, and sustained itself on the charts much longer than anyone would have guessed.

Now, building on that momentum, Mick says the new album will be new. The Stones are eying their 55th anniversary next, after a triumphant 50th celebration that has almost never ended.

Mick brought three of his kids to the Vanity Fair Oscar party last night, and has never seemed in a better mood. He laughed when I asked him about a Tweet he put out the other day. A rumor started that he was bringing rising star Priyanka Chopra to the stars. “I’m not even going to the Oscars!” Mick Tweeted. And he didn’t.

But a new Stones album? Bring it on. I don’t care how old they are. It’s a sound I will never tire of!

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