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Meryl Streep turn down a red carpet dress for a designer who would pay her to wear theirs? PREPOSTEROUS. Yet WWD.com– Womens Wear Daily– says Karl Lagerfeld, working for Chanel, claims this happened, that Streep turned him down for a designer who would cough up sponsorship bucks for the Oscars.

This doesn’t just ring false but it’s a lie, says Streep’s camp. And I have to think this has the fingerprints of Donald Trump, the king of vendettas. The connection? Lagerfeld is dressing Melania Trump, already has for a state visit, and Lagerfeld has also voiced support for Trump.

Trump hates Meryl Streep, especially after her Golden Globes speech. He has probably been looking for a way to get her back. Don’t forget he called her a “Hillary Lover” and “overrated” among other things on Twitter.

The problem is Streep is unassailable. She wears off the rack clothes. I remember how we laughed years ago when she bought a dress at the Cherry Hill mall to wear to her Lincoln Center Lifetime Achievement Award. This is a woman who takes the subway daily. She is the definition of unpretentious. We’ve talked about her fashion disinterest for years.

Plus, the idea of Meryl Streep being paid to wear a dress is ludicrous. Many actresses do, but not at her level, and not her. Insane.

I’m told this incident has caused a huge internal problem at Chanel. My sources say the Chanel people will disown Lagerfeld’s story. “They know it’s not true,” says my source.

I do, too.


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