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The NY Post’s Page Six reported today that the FBI under order from US Attorney Preet Bahara raided the famed Friars Club. They sent in at least a dozen investigators who removed a ton of paperwork from the office.

Thanks to the Post for citing my original stories. I broke the news last fall that the Friars were up to no good. First of all, there’s a sexual harassment case pending against one of the execs from a receptionist. Then there’s a lot of questions about the Friars’ finances.

When I went to a reception at the Friars two weeks ago, I ran into the club’s president Michael Gyure. He was pretty upset with me about my stories. He said everything I wrote was wrong. He said the members of the club who’d been suspended were re-instated. He said the man accused of sexual harassment, Bruce Charet, was not an exec there but just a member who wrangled celebrities for him. He didn’t have much sympathy for the receptionist who sued.

Now comes the FBI. Believe me, this isn’t just for parking tickets. The FBI doesn’t send a team unless they know what they’re looking for.

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