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Lady Gaga’s insane hold on the charts continues unabated. The Super Bowl was Sunday night, three days later she still has 16 chart singles and more than a half dozen chart albums. “Million Reasons” is the number 1 song, and “Joanne” is the number 1 album.

BuzzAngle reports the following:

– Lady Gaga daily album sales jump 1,980% to 24,075 sales

– Joanne by Lady Gaga leaps into the BuzzAngle Music Top 5 Selling Albums WTD

– Album sales for Joanne skyrocket 1,552% on Sunday with more than 13,000 sales.

– Lady Gaga daily song sales jump 1,835% to 134,575 sales

– “Million Reasons” was the most purchased song on Super Bowl Sunday with 47,523 downloads.

– “Born This Way” saw the greatest growth in sales exploding 4,457% compared to the previous four-day period.

– Lady Gaga daily song streams jump from an average 2.3M streams to 5.4M streams on Super Bowl Sunday and then up to 7.5M on Monday

– “Million Reasons” was the most streamed song on Super Bowl Sunday with 730K streams and was again tops on Monday with 940K streams
Gaga should continue her run on this Sunday when she appears live on the Grammys with Metallica. This such nice news. “Joanne” should have been a hit when it came out, but radio didn’t get it, and the marketing was all over the place. Anyway, now it’s all worked out and we have a happy ending!




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